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June 14, 2017
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March 27, 2018

Hong Kong, China

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Written by Ricardo Herrera

I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong and it was amazing.

The first three days we went to different organizations, foundations and schools. We talked about different topics, and I learned many things. We compared the similarity and differences in the psychological and mental health programs and problems of people in the United States and in Hong Kong. And it was really impressive to learn more about their culture. All the hosts of the different events that we went were very friendly. They offered us food and they were happy all the time.

Contrary to what you can imagine, it is very difficult to get lost in Hong Kong. The English language is very common. It is very easy to locate and understand the directions. The transportation system is very modern, clean and organized.

Traveling in a group was also a new and very enjoyable experience.

I made new friends and I learned new things from them. One of my favorite moments was our visit to The Peek. It's a place with the most incredible views of the city of Hong Kong. It was impossible to count how many skyscrapers there were. Simply wonderful

In our free time we had the opportunity to visit sites like 10,000 thousand buddhas, Ladies Market, Nah Lian Garden, and other places. Where we had the opportunity to see amazing things and have unique experiences.

The weather in Hong Kong in February is really warm.

The Chinese New Year's parade was amazing; It was a great experience. If you plan to go at this time of year, I recommend you wear red clothes, which is very common for these celebrations.

At the end of our trip we went to Macao by ferry, which was another great experience. It is an autonomous region of China. Macao has Portuguese influence while Hong Kong has British influence. It's known as "Las Vegas of Asia". What we found there was very nice, many churches, casinos, and a great gastronomy.