Hong Kong, China.
March 27, 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Travel Blog

Written by Jennifer Kerner.

How is it possible to be reared in a culture that seems to “know it all” yet only to discover that one knows nothing at all?.

This is just one of the many gifts that Malaysia has “gifted” me on this journey into myself and into mankind. I am realizing how easy it is to create a sense of control in my life when I create a world that fits inside a container the size of a shoe box! If I keep my world view that small and keep others from entering inside it, then I can master it to my liking. How shallow I feel when I realize that I have created an illusion so believable that I have found complacency in a world that is only a raindrop in the ocean of God’s creation.

I have only been in Malaysia for four days and I have only scraped the surface of a new understanding of culture, religion, and diversity. What an amazing experience! I never realized a person could be awoken to the beautiful song of prayer coming from the local mosque, be stimulated to live a fuller life by the laughter of a forgotten child, and be encouraged to close the day with a greater gratitude for all that God has blessed me with…. until now.

Beautiful Walks of Life.

The work at the center for children has been amazing. Although we do not speak the language it is a miracle how much understanding can take place. One look into the eyes of these children and our hearts melt. What beautiful creations these children are. The lessons learned from these children are countless and endless. There will be many blogs to come!

The children are the reason there is hope in the world.

Meeting new people in a new land is exciting and can often be scary. The majority of the people I have met in Kuala Lumpur and Penang have been welcoming, loving, and gracious. There have been a few, however, that have been somewhat aggressive and attacking. They remind me of some of the monkeys I encountered here as well. But by far… the part of humanity that has touched my heart the most and has given me the most hope in humanity itself… is the children. Every child I have encountered has the spark of light in his/her eye. I have been more received by the children than any other age group. The giving and receiving energy that I have experienced can only come from a child. The children are the reason there is hope in the world.