Rwanda, Africa.

If you are seeking an opportunity to make a meaningful difference by empowering at-risk women and families, then the Caluya Foundation Rwanda program might be right for you. Serve at the area's first psycho-social center, assist in developing mobile mental health teams, and participate in raising funds for resources to help trauma survivors become self-sustaining.

Training and workshops for this program will be facilitated by local mental health clinicians and partnering trauma specialists. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in ecotourism to support local economic growth by touring national parks, wildlife reserves, and cultural centers and events.

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Hong Kong, China.

Travel to Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year and experience the most colorful festival of the year! This program provides a rich, authentic cultural experiences such as lectures from local professionals, traditional meals with families, and training geared toward increasing multicultural competence.

Visit extraordinary temples and monasteries, witness breathtaking views from some of the world's tallest skyscrapers, and engage in some of the areas most unique culinary experiences.

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Why should you take part in educational activities?

Most mental health professions require a minimum standard for yearly continuing education. USSA offers unique opportunities to travel, learn, and earn CE credit in a culturally diverse setting.

Not only will this cultivate multicultural competence, it is also an opportunity to develop relationships with other professionals across the globe and exchange mental health expertise. Professional development workshops will be facilitated by expert clinicians, providing participants with quality training to expand clinical skills.

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