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Paris, France

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Written by Collin Waters.

You find yourself amazed by the vast museums that can peak anyone’s interest from art to history.

Paris is many things. When in Paris, you find yourself surrounded by beauty walking down each street amazed by the architecture. You find yourself drawn to different smells from the many world class restaurants and bakeries.

My Paris experience was with several other students from a variety of backgrounds. The goal of our trip was to have a cultural emersion experience as well as to provide service to people at a soup kitchen. Food is a very important part of French culture. It is France that arguably has the most famous cuisine in the world. However, based on my experience working in.

Food is a very important part of French culture.

American soup kitchens, I was surprised to show up at the soup kitchen early in the morning to help prepare all sorts of different fresh vegetables to help prepare a freshly made three course meal that any tourist would gladly be taking snapchats or Instagram photos of. While serving the people, many tried to interact with us, however some may think that with a language barrier this may be difficult. This was not the case. With enough listening, understanding, respect and empathy a connection could be made.

The most beautiful thing to witness.

What amazed me about this experience was the thoughtfulness about preparing a freshly made, healthy, and good meal for any individual in need goes a long way to simply respecting ones human dignity, which unfortunately seems to be lacking in our world today. Despite all the beauty that Paris is, this was the most beautiful thing to witness.

As a counselor, this experience serves as a constant reminder that despite beautiful tangible objects that our materialistic world strives after, the real beauty is through the way we care and serve others by genuine human connection and empathy for one another.