ITALY (2015)

Come experience the serene landscape, decadent cuisine, and leisurely-paced lifestyle of Tuscany. With gently rolling hills amidst the backdrop of sharply peaked mountains, this area boasts prosperous agriculture that contributes to its flavorful dishes. Experience the vibrant culture of Florence and Siena and visit artistic masterpieces from history’s most famous artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Participants will enhance multicultural competency by attending educational seminars focused on local customs, culture, and spirituality. Professional development workshops facilitated by reputable clinicians will offer participants the opportunity to improve and expand clinical counseling skills.

Counseling, Spirituality, & Service in Italy - Tuscany

- Seminar on culture and spirituality using enculturation model.
- Workshop on introduction to sandtray therapy.
- Workshop on communal sandtray and group therapy work.
- Workshop on developmental theory and use of sandtray therapy.

TOURISM (2015)
- Sightseeing in Florence, Siena, and Rome.
- San Gimignano.
- Montalcino.
- Perugia.

- Location: Italian region; will visit Florence, Rome, Siena.
- Language: Italian.
- Weather: Warm April-November (65℉-86℉), Cool December-March (51℉-55℉).
- Currency: Euro (1 Euro = 1.23 US Dollars).
- Government: Parliamentary republic.
- Religion: Roman Catholic/Other Christianity (80%).

Course Competency Standards and Guidelines

Course Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Provide international experience to enhance multicultural awareness of social, political, and economic state of destination.
Objective 1: Visit historical, spiritual, and cultural sites.
Objective 2: Engage in cultural activities such as meals with locals, traditional festivities, and local markets.

Goal 2: Increase cross-cultural mental health awareness.
Objective 1: Attend lectures from local clinicians to gain understanding of local implementation of mental health interventions.
Objective 2: Attend professional development workshops.
Objective 3: Exchange mental health expertise with local clinicians.

Goal 3: Develop understanding of local underprivileged populations.
Objective 1: Engage in service at hospitals, orphanages, elderly facilities.

Goal 4: Earn CE credit.
Objective 1: Attend training.
Objective 2: Submit program evaluation.



Double occupancy room in mid-range hotel near shops, restaurants, and local cultural activities. Single occupancies rooms may be available for an additional fee.


Program fees include:
- Roundtrip, economy class airfare.
- Ground transportation to and from all activities identified in itinerary.
- Entry fees into activities identified in itinerary.
- Lodging in double occupancy room.
- 24 hour trip leader knowledgeable of local medical and crisis resources.
- Workshops, trainings, lectures.
- CE credit.

Program fees exclude:
- Ground travel to destinations not included in itinerary.
- Medical and travel insurance Passport.
- Immunizations recommended for destinations.
- Optional excursions.
- Food expenses and personal.


DAY 1: Depart for Italy – Rome from Idaho Falls or Boise (other cities might be available).

DAY 2: Arrive in Rome. Explore Rome.

DAY 3: Seminar on culture and spirituality focusing on enculturation model. City visit on your own or organized.

DAY 4: Seminar on culture and spirituality focusing on enculturation model. Leave Rome for Sienna. Visit city of Sienna - Seminar on culture and spirituality.

DAY 5: Introduction to Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy. Build an introductory World. Photograph, process & Journal. History and evolution of play therapy. Sand Tray Therapy, theory and origins. Leaders in the field: Margaret Lowenfeld, Dora M. Kalff, and Gisela Schubach DeDomenico. Seminar on culture and spirituality focusing on enculturation model. Visit Montalcino - Seminar on culture and spirituality.

DAY 6: Setting up the Space. Materials and Resources. Elemental, Primordial and Nature Play. Experiential & Process: Practitioners create personal worlds and participate as builder and witness. Question and Answers. Case Presentations showing progression of treatment. Seminar on culture and spirituality focusing on enculturation model. Visit San Gimignano.

DAY 7: Sharing Circle: Processing the experience of the builder. Introduction to the communal tray and Group Work. Experiential & process & journal. Seminar on culture and spirituality focusing on enculturation model. Visit Perugia.

DAY 8: Group discussion: Individual versus joint play experience personal & professional experience in the sand tray. Seminar on culture and spirituality focusing on enculturation model. - Visit Pisa on own. Introduction and Experiential to the addition of water. The importance the “Yuck Yuck” for trauma. Group Process and Discussion. Seminar on culture and spirituality focusing on enculturation model. Leave for Florence.

DAY 9: Sharing Circle: Processing the experience of the witness. Developmental Theory and Sand Tray. Pre-School, Latency, Adolescence. Experiential: Group Work in the sand. Students will create a family tray, or group tray. Photograph and Journal. Group Discussion and Process. Case Presentation of sand tray work. Including difficult cases. Supervision, ethics and feedback. Experiential: Self-care Tray. Explore Florence - Seminar on culture and spirituality.

DAY 10: Leave Florence for USA.


- Valid ID and passport.

- Participants must be at least 18 years old. Children 16 years or older may be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Spouses are welcome at same rate less fee for CE credit.



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