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- Location: Metropolitan area on west coast of Mexico.
- Language: Spanish, though many local have basic understanding of English.
- Weather: Tropical, humid average daily high of 85℉.
- Currency: Peso (1 Peso = 0.055 US Dollar).
- Government: Presidential Federal Republic.
- Religion: Catholic (82%) followed by Christian (8%).

Program Competency Standards and Guidelines

Program Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Provide international experience to enhance multicultural awareness of social, political, and economic state of destination.
Objective 1: Visit historical, spiritual, and cultural sites.
Objective 2: Engage in cultural activities such as meals with locals, traditional festivities, and local markets.

Goal 2: Increase cross-cultural mental health awareness.
Objective 1: Attend lectures from local clinicians to gain understanding of local implementation of mental health interventions.
Objective 2: Attend professional development workshops.
Objective 3: Exchange mental health expertise with local clinicians.

Goal 3: Develop understanding of local underprivileged populations.
Objective 1: Engage in service at hospitals, orphanages, elderly facilities.

Goal 4: Earn CE credit.
Objective 1: Attend training.
Objective 2: Submit program evaluation.



Double occupancy room in mid-range hotel near shops, restaurants, and local cultural activities. Single occupancies rooms may be available for an additional fee.


Program fees include:
- Roundtrip, economy class airfare.
- Ground transportation to and from all activities identified in itinerary.
- Entry fees into activities identified in itinerary.
- Lodging in double occupancy room.
- 24 hour trip leader knowledgeable of local medical and crisis resources.
- Workshops, trainings, lectures.
- CE credit.

Program fees exclude:
- Ground travel to destinations not included in itinerary.
- Medical and travel insurance Passport.
- Immunizations recommended for destinations.
- Optional excursions.
- Food expenses and personal.


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- Valid ID and passport.

- Participants must be at least 18 years old.



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