Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
March 27, 2018

Tuscany, Italy

Travel Blog

Written by Briana Allen.

A different experience than what I have done before.

Although I really enjoyed touring the city, the workshop was my first introduction to sandtray therapy. I got to complete my own sand tray and had the experience of carrying an object around Paris with me which was a different experience than what I have done before.

We used toys from a church and I picked a wooden elephant that seemed to just fit with me and that time of my life. Understanding how objects as simple as toys can have such strong significance was a powerful realization.

This was the first time leaving the country and something that I had never done. I got meet Raj from the ‘Big Bang Theory’ in the Florence airport, which was a fun surprise.

I didn’t speak their language but...

The people in Italy that I had the opportunity to meet were just so kind and so willing to help. I don’t speak their language and when I was trying to communicate things they were so patient and didn’t seem annoyed. They seem to really love all of the history around them and very interested in it.

Seems to have immense joy in sharing things they know with others. Experiencing their joy of things made me want to be more like that in my daily life and enjoy the little things more. Also the opportunity to learn sand tray therapy while in Italy changed the way I work with people in my office.

The opportunity to go to Italy has been on of the most amazing experiences of my life.

I was able to experience a different culture and meet many new people, also seeing all history that is in that county was an experience I will always remember. To also learn new skills while in that county as well was so beneficial to me. This an experience that has forever changed me and how I do things in my life.